Bowling 1 Reflection

1. From taking this general education class I learned that there is a lot more to bowling than meets the eye. I consider it a lifelong wellness activity because it is a sport that’s requires both mental and physical concentration. Lifelong wellness activities don’t necessarily need to be overly intense they just need to require you to move and think. That criteria of a lifetime wellness activity encompasses many different activities, bowling being one of them.

2. The way I would apply this information to my life is by making sure that I stay active all throughout my life. I plan on bowling competitively some day and when that day comes I will be able to use all that I learned in my bowling class. Bowling has been a great activity for me because it has taught me to use a strategy to improve each game.

3. I do intend to continue to bowl regularly. I will practice my spare shooting and my cross-laning. By continuing to bowl and work on specific aspects of the game I will stay healthy and happy.

4. I don’t have any suggestions for improving the class. I loved it. I learned a lot. Steve was a great professor. What else could I ask for?