This class has been helped me learn more about key aspects of the economy. Key factors like supply and demand, utility, marginal costs/benefits, opportunity costs, and much more. I plan on starting my own business some day and this class opened my eyes to a lot of what needs to be considered when doing so. Since day one when I learned what opportunity cost was I have been evaluating the opportunity cost of me going out to lunch versus going home for lunch during my work day. I realize that often the opportunity cost of giving up $7 dollars for lunch is worth it if I can get back to work twice as fast as I would if I were to go home for a free lunch. Analyzing articles and writing about them using the term we have learned in class has proven to me that much of this new vocab can easily be worked into daily conversation. Overall this class has been great I do however feel like we covered twice as much material in the second half of the semester than in the first half which has made it harder to remember the new information.



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