Math 1050 Transportation Cost Project

Math 10500001 Math 10500002   Math 10500003Math 10500004Math 10500005

This was a great project that taught me how to apply math to my every day life. Sometimes we think that math is too hard to apply to our daily lives but this was actually quite simple. In this project we learned how to calculate fuel efficiency which is very important to anyone who drives. By learning the math behind fuel efficiency we can learn to save money, who doesn’t want to save money? Great project!

The idea behind the project was to teach us the principle of optimization of resources, in this case fuel was the example. This concept relates to be as human labor  is a resource that I deal with at work; learning how to optimize the time and effort of those that I oversee is key to being efficient. I also like to cook and I often have a minimal budget to work with so learning how to optimize my resources (ingredients) I can make more food and save money.

By graphing the function it helped us SEE the optimal potential, seeing makes it easier to recognize the benefits. I took a microeconomics class in the which we focused a lot on optimization, usually referring to production. We used similar graphs to provide a visual of what factors affect the reaching of the optimal place on the graph.

Again I really enjoyed this project because it seems to make more sense than most of the other projects I have previously done where the goal is to help us see how math can be applied to our daily lives. I plan on starting my own business some day and I know that I will be making graphs often in order to calculate how to get the most out of my resources.


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